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Our online product page offers a taste of Twinkle's most unique designs. To view our products, please use the navigation on the left. Twinkle offers waterglobes (snowglobes), music boxes, creamwares, crystal glass, home decor and Christmas products. ' Uniquely Twinkle' link shows Twinkle exciting design series.

Twinkle designs continue to charm and captivate a 'collectibles tradition' that keeps getting more beautiful and creative as time goes on. As a wholesale giftware company, we at Twinkle Enterprises design and create gifts of superior quality that make precisely the right statement - gifts that capture the excitement and wonder of something new that goes beyond the ordinary.

There is truly something here for collectors of every level. Because of our diverse and creative designers and skill artisans; Twinkle is able to offer a large selection of styles that suits the needs and requests for our customers.