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Clown Fish Item Number: 1501006
Description: A trio of clown fish frolick around their sea anemone home. The glass base features a stunning blue ocean scene that beautifully complements these bright orange creatures.
Dimension: 100mm
Function: music, rotates, blowing glitter (battery not required)
Tune Name: Playmates
Playful Orcas Item Number: 1501205
Description: A pair of killer whales dance through the open waves. The graphic underwater ocean scene complements the decal base.
Dimension: 100mm
Function: music, rotates
Tune Name: Over the Waves
Lighthouse Item Number: 1506003
Description: Waterglobe, 65mm, Lighthouse, "TWINKLE SPECIAL NOW! (FINAL SALE with Airbubble - 50% OFF, min/ 4)"